Giving Your Kitchen Cabinets a Stylish Facelift

Whether your kitchen cabinets are worn, outdated, or just need a little something extra to make them shine, there are plenty of ways to give your whole space a facelift without a major remodel. Repainting, re-staining, and upgrading your cabinet hardware are all great options to freshen up the look of your cabinets. However, if you really want a more dramatic change, refacing your cabinet doors is the way to go. This option will still be cheaper than buying or remodeling a new kitchen, and it will add value to your home.

Aside from a fresh coat of paint, changing up your cabinet hardware is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to spruce up a room. Switching out knobs and pulls for a modern or classic style will instantly brighten up your cabinets. You can also add a fun pop of color or pattern with unique hardware. There are tons of choices for a bold accent, so you can find the perfect fit for your personality and kitchen theme.

Another way to spruce up your cabinets is by removing the upper cabinet doors for an open feel. This allows you to show off your favorite dishes and jars, but it will require more frequent cleaning since dust can get into these hard-to-reach spaces. For a more subtle alternative, try painting the cabinets for a clean, open feel. Tampa cabinet renovation company suggest to chose a calming neutral color for her cabinets to keep the space looking light and airy.

If you’re not ready to rip out your existing cabinetry, consider removing just the upper doors and leaving the lower cabinetry in place. This is a sleek and easy way to modernize your kitchen, plus it gives you plenty of storage space for all of your essentials.

Another simple but effective way to revamp your cabinets is by adding a backsplash. This will draw the eye away from any less-than-stylish cabinetry, and can be as simple as adding a tile backsplash over your stove or an intricate mosaic. If you prefer a more bold accent, you can also choose to paint your backsplash a vibrant shade that will tie in with your cabinet color and overall style.

Lastly, adding more lighting to your cabinets will make it easier for you to see what’s inside them, especially if the current lights are dim or yellow. Installing under-cabinet LED strips or battery-powered dome lights are both good options for a quick and affordable upgrade. This will instantly brighten your kitchen and make it more welcoming. To learn more about cabinet renovation visit